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you guys should all watch Kill la Kill by Amorphous-blob you guys should all watch Kill la Kill by Amorphous-blob
There are no words to describe this show.

You can tell that the whole cast had tons of fun making it, especially Ryuuko's voice actor.
HyperGFreak Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
oh xD kawaii desu! rryoko is realy cool and edgy becaus she wear black and red, just like my favorite. my favorites are shadow the hedegghog from sonic 2006 and erend yaegear from onslaught no titan. ryoko wants to find out who kill her dad (its just like mom for eren and maria for shadow? what is maria? girlfriend for shadow? jajajaja XD sega lewd)) and when she gets ated she turns big and crazy like eren only she gets less crazy. also did you know the music person for titans is the same as music person for killlakill? its ok if kill la kill copies eotena no kyojin because i think it is one of my best animes ever with k-on and fate stay night (anime not game though! I don't like reading XDddDDD) but yea this one is good but not as good as attack on titan(shingeki no kyogin jajaja) and also I'm talking about the OST/OP of the two shows and in my opinion shingeki no titan is better.

mako x eren is my otp!!!1!
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